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Empowering productivity and efficiency: Mitsubishi Electric’s latest product releases can be used as either standard systems or customised solutions, meeting individual requirements for designing applications across diverse industry sectors. For more information, contact your local sales offices or distribution partners or simply register with MyMitsubishi and sign up for our newsletter – we will be pleased to keep you updated.

MELIPC Industrial computers and Real-Time Data Analyser software

The MELIPC Series delivers new levels of Edge computing, IT system coordination, and device control thanks to their robust features, user-friendliness and flexibility. The series extends from a simple and compact unit to a high-end model supporting CC-Link IE Field Network, high-performance processing and high-speed communications. As such they answer many requirements including real-time control, predictive maintenance, and quality improvement on the shop floor and as a result, contribute to productivity enhancement through the utilisation of production data.
MELIPC comes with Real-Time Data Analyser (RDA) software, a data analysis and diagnosis Edge computing application (to be licensed for MI2000/3000/5000 separately). This easily enables predictive maintenance and production quality improvement during manufacture and simplifies both offline analysis and real-time diagnosis of production data. The interpretation of shop floor data using AI technology and various statistical methods improves manufacturing productivity as well as product quality.

The new product series contains four types of industrial computer, which together maximise the high reliability device control technology accumulated through the development of the MELSEC Series of programmable controllers.

The MELIPC catalogues provide more details about MELIPC hardware and Edge computing software.

MELSEC iQ-F Compact PLC: New safety modules

Mitsubishi Electric is now adding safety options to its iQ-F Series compact PLCs. These open up new application opportunities and enables users to harmonise their control platform, eliminating the need to deploy external safety relay modules. The iQ-F safety modules can be connected to the right-side bus system of FX5U and FX5UC PLCs. No extra wiring is required for safety signals – the status information is directly available in the PLC. This flexible system offers up to 10 (redundant) safety inputs, two (redundant) safety outputs and conforms to international safety standards (SIL3, Cat.4, PL e).
In order to reduce total cost of ownership the safety modules do not need programming. Instead a rotary switch is used to select from nine fixed programs and connect safety equipment such as light curtains, E-stops and safety switches. Furthermore, wiring of the modules is done with push-in terminals to reduce installation time.

Additionally, comprehensive configuration software allows users to visualise safety configuration details like the wiring diagram, the connection of I/O devices and the status of the rotary switch. Moreover, the GX Works3 programming environment for Mitsubishi Electric PLCs, supports troubleshooting and maintenance work by showing status information and error details from the iQ-F safety modules in the diagnostics area.

Coming soon: MELFA Assista - Mitsubishi Electric's collaborative robot

The MELFA Assista Cobot has been designed based on the Mitsubishi Electric's well-proven MELFA industrial robot arm. It allows collaboration with human co-workers with minimal guarding, and has been certified according to ISO/TS 15066 – the international standard specifying safety requirements for collaborative industrial robot systems.

The MELFA Assista is built to a robust design and operates with a position repeatability of ±0.02mm, in which it differs in no way from our standard industrial robots. This increases the number of potential applications where it can be installed, especially in assembly processes.

Setup times are short because teaching and programming is simple and visually based. For example, the ‘direct teach functionality’ allows the operator to take the gripper of the robot and move it to the required position, which is then saved as the target position for the robot movement.

Operators benefit from a new graphic programming environment called RT Visualbox: The robot is programmed using drag and drop icons that clearly indicate individual robot operations. This environment can also be used to simulate proposed robot programs.

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