MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Veranderingen ten goede
Tension meter displays the tension, and outputs a signal in proportion to the tension. Incorporates the CC-Link V2 remote device station function.

LM-10WA-CCL Tension meter

This tension meter features flexible expandability, supports centralized control by using a network and communication for systems requiring multiple tension controls. Especially in machines that process and manufacture is not only for general materials such as films, metallic foils, paper, foods and electric wires but also special films and metallic foils which are used in lithium ion and solar batteries, LCD panels, etc.


  • The LM-10WA-CCL tension meter is supplied together with one LM-10WA-TAD tension detector input adapter. Adding a tension detector input adapter (option) enables inputs from the tension detectors up to 4 shafts.
  • Easy display and tension meter operation setting also enabled with internal display
  • Connecting to a GOT enables display and operation with custom screens from the panel.
  • Digital I/O terminals and analog output terminals supports actual voltage display of tension detector
  • Equipped as standard with the remote device station function of CC-Link V2
  • Easy connection to FX series PLC via RS-485 communication interface